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Living Water began as a humble Bible study in a family room. We started meeting together, hoping to see what the Lord would do. We soon grew into a new and loving Christian community. After several years as a church-plant of Covenant OPC in Vandalia, Living Water became an organized congregation in 2017. We share our joys and struggles and grow with one another, worshipping God, preaching his Word, and loving our neighbors. Our prayer is that this is just the beginning of God's work in our lives!

...this little church boasts of being a part of Christ's universal Church, sharing the rich legacy of Biblical and orthodox Christ-followers throughout the world.

Our Story


Jesus Christ and the good news that he came to save sinners is the center of our church’s ministry. Our mission is to tell people about the life, death, and resurrection Jesus. Our worship praises Jesus for who he is and what he did for us. Our beliefs are centered on his life and teaching. And the love we have for each other and our neighbors flows from the love he showed us.


The Bible is the foundation of everything we do at Living Water. It's God's message to us his people. Every word of the Bible reveals to us who God is, what he has done for us, and how we should respond. It shapes everything about us and what we do in our church, families, and Christian lives. We believe the Bible is true and a sure guide for our lives.



Living Water is committed to the truths of the Protestant Reformation. Our full doctrinal statement can be found in the Westminster Confession and Catechisms. As a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination, we partner with other churches in our region and the country for missions, ministry, and accountability.

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